St. 爱德华的钱全投在你的成功上了.

We’re dedicated to preparing our students to be critical thinkers 和 innovative problem-solvers with a passion for making the world a better place. Our commitment to your success is backed by a robust support program that helps you reach your highest potential 和 go full on toward your dreams.

From success coaches 和 professor-mentors to academic counseling 和 tutoring to career prep services — the personalized support 和 resources available to you on the hilltop enhance your academic experience 和 pave the way for you to succeed on your own terms. Below is an overview of the support you’ll receive — from your first day at St. 爱德华的毕业典礼. 点击链接了解更多信息.

Kia Baeza ' 20,生物学/学前健康专业


你的 个人成功教练 works with you to choose your classes 和 connects you with inspiring 教授. They’ll help you identify co-curricular activities that align with your passions, discover the right major or graduate program 和 map out a plan for your college career.



学术支援服务, such as peer tutoring 和 supplemental instruction — along with special assistance from the 写作中心数学实验室 和 芒迪库 -让你在课堂上取得成功.

megan Biscamp, 19届,社会工作专业


你的职业教练帮助你创造你的职业生涯, cover letter 和 LinkedIn profile; find an internship or job; strengthen your interview skills 和 tap into valuable networking opportunities. They also help you prepare for post-graduation opportunities such as graduate school, 法学院和医学院. And as a Hilltopper, you’ll have access to career services for life.

Karlee Bradley, 20级,数学专业


One of the great things you’ll notice about Hilltoppers is that we’re a globally minded community who fosters a deeper underst和ing of the world. We know that experiencing other cultures enriches our lives, furthers our growth 和 enhances our ability to contribute to a better world. Studying abroad is a life-changing opportunity that provides those rewards.      

Lauren Fogt ' 19,运动机能学,前物理治疗


Our international campus community brings together diverse cultures 和 perspectives. 类, student life activities 和 service opportunities encourage independent thinking 和 global awareness. 



Students with documented disabilities partner with 学生残疾服务 for academic accommodations, referral services 和 guidance that ensure equal access to a fulfilling college experience. 



作为第一代移民学生, 我们的登山营获得了财政支持, 他们在圣. 爱德华的. CAMP是由美国政府资助的.S. 教育部. St. 爱德华学院的CAMP项目是全美运行时间最长的.S. 和 is one more way we’re committed to our students’ success.

“One benefit of working with a success coach is that you always have someone to count on, 无论是个人建议还是学术建议. 他们真的很关心你.”  

Kimberly Mireles, 23岁 工商管理专业


帮助您的学生在圣. 爱德华的 with check-ins 和 reminders about important dates 和 deadlines throughout the semester.

如何圣. 爱德华为你的成功做准备

探索我们的四个 大学成功的基石 让学生有目的地创造自己的未来.