Unlock career opportunities in natural resources conservation and management with a Certificate in 环境管理.

This 12-credit hour certificate 程序 will allow you to acquire tools and research skills such as applying ecological principles and environmental surveying and monitoring techniques that prepare students for conservation and management fields in the private and non-private sector.

必修课程 in the 程序 will equip you with a working knowledge of the plant and animal species of Texas, 对本地物种的威胁, 荒地, 以及水土资源, and an interdisciplinary understanding of conservation and restoration approaches. Students will gain ecological skills in plant and animal identification, 生境监测及修复.

Because much of the success of conservation activities relies on being able to work with people, there is also a large emphasis placed on stakeholder engagement and science communication. 选修课程 within the 程序 emphasize building additional skills and knowledge that will help students succeed in this field, including proficiency with Geographical Information Systems (GIS), social and natural science research skills, and a good understanding of environmental laws and policies.

The certificate is restricted to students majoring or minoring in the 环境科学与政策 程序. The certificate curriculum goes beyond the required interdisciplinary courses for the degree by providing specific training and research experience needed to prepare students for employment and graduate study in ecology and natural resource conservation and management.  


This certificate will equip students for a variety of jobs in environmental management, including natural resource conservation and management, 生态监测, and ecological restoration with public agencies such as the City of Austin’s Watershed Protection, the City of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department, 巴尔科尼斯峡谷地保护区, 和山区保护协会.